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Entry #2

Beep Beep Boop

2008-12-29 01:56:08 by FedoraMan

The previous post was there for long time, decided to make new one.


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2008-12-29 07:02:42

hey Fedora!! :)
I'm glad your music reached the top ten!! ;D
are you composing something new? :)
btw, happy belated xmas and happy new year my friend! :)

FedoraMan responds:

Not atm.... But I think I'll start up again soon!
Thanks! Hope you have a good New Years too!


2009-04-17 17:38:35

Hey Fedora! :)
how are you doin?
thank you for the review on my latest track!
are you busy with studies? :)

FedoraMan responds:

Haha, yeah I was actually xP
(Sorry for late response)
Working a lot to, around 35-40 hours a week so I've been really busy xP
How are you doing there?


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